My Birthing Experience

For my second blog entry, I decided to share my birthing experience before Alzheimer’s take over me and I won’t remember a singe thing on that day. I promise I won’t make it too long. I will make it as short as my time inside the Delivery Room.

On October 18 at 4.43PM I gave birth to my daughter, S. She was 3 kilos in weight, very tiny and all red. i delivered her via C-section.

I was admitted at 7am that day, induced at 9am. After 6 hours at 3pm, I was still 1cm. My cervix wasn’t opening and the OB said my birth canal is narrow. I didn’t feel any labor pains at all, no contractions whatsoever. I was even mentally & physically preparing myself for it pero di ko pala magagamit ang mga hiyaw at mura na nasa isip ko pag sumakit tiyan ko.

Anyway, at 3Pm my OB asked me if I wanted to be induced again but also told me of the risks it involves since getting induced more than once is quite risky and not good for the baby. I told her if I need to have a C-section, gora na!!! Aba anong petsa na! She said ok and i will be brought to the DR at 4pm.

By 4pm I was already inside the DR, chinichika ko yung mga pinoy nurses kung masakit ba ma-CS… sabi sakin “kaya niyo yan maam, masakit pa yung mga tattoo ninyo” Edi ako naman napanatag ang loob! I didn’t have an epidural coz meron akong lower back pain ever since the world began, so I was under General Anesthesia. In short, I didn’t see nor hear my baby’s first cry. That was the sad part. We didn’t have that mother-daughter skin to skin contact. I didn’t kiss her first. Ang masaklap pa, there were no photos! Ano, iyak na ko?!

I was woken up by the nurses at 6pm. I was already in the Recovery Room. When I opened my eyes, the first thing I said was “Shet ang sakit!!!” referring to my tummy na kakahiwa lang one hour ago. I wanted to yell at the nurses and tell them “pakshet kayo! sabi niyo mas masakit pa yung tattoo ko. eh parang tinanggalan niyo ako ng lamang loob!”Grrr! I asked them asan ang anak ko?! Kumpleto ba ang kamay at paa? Ang daliri? Umiyak ba? Normal ba? Bakit ang sakit ng tiyan ko? Parang luluwa ang laman loob ko!

By 6.30pm I was already transferred to my room, my baby was already there with her daddy and lola. Ni hindi nga ko pinansin pagkapasok sakin sa room, busy ang pamilya ko sa baby aba! Hubby just gave me a high five na parang naka 3 points lang ako sa basketball at hindi naman hiniwa ang tiyan ko haha!

When I saw my baby, medyo mixed emotions pa. Di ko ma-explain. But it was overwhelming. I wanted to kiss and cuddle her pero I can’t kasi I can’t move, di ko din ma-explain kasi yung pain ng hiwa ko! Nakakaiyak sa sakit! I felt helpless. I wanted to be a mom to my baby but my situation won’t allow me. Or masyado lang ako maarte. Haha!

Overall, I can say my birthing experience wasn’t that bad compare to some of the stories I’ve read and heard. No labor pains, no contractions – I consider myself lucky. Although I had to undergo C-section, it wasn’t that bad din naman. Yes it was super sakit, but after a week, you get used to it and you’re back to your normal self na. I think my only regret was not taking photos. Hubby wasn’t allowed inside the DR. I should have asked the nurses to take the photos. Oh well, lesson learned. Sa sunod na lang na baby. Nyak! Haha!



Hello from the other side.

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Hello blog world! Look who’s back!

I’ve been meaning to return to blog world ages ago, but you know, so many things happened… adulthood sucks! Haha!

Anyway, this is my nth attempt to create a new blog. This time I hope it will stay for good, even just for one year. LOL! I can’t promise to be super sipag to write kasi mommy duties come first. (Naks! Ako ba to?! Haha)

So, mainly this blog will be about my life as an expat in Middle East. In case you are interested to know. Lol! I will talk about my new life as a mommy, my journey to yummy mommy (in short: Ibabalik ang nawawalang alindog program), updates as being a newbie investor, a bit of financial literacy, my daily struggles on changing nappies, share my healthy and gluten-free recipes (mga once a month lang to pag sinipag) and a bit of everything. Basically, anything that can come up to my mind. Relevant and not.

So there. I hope you do enjoy my site. If not, paki ko din! Haha! Joke! I don’t welcome any negativity here, no bashing, no judging unless you’re a judge 😀 Good vibes lang lahat ditto. Respect my site and I will respect you. Entiendes?! Good! So watchuweytingpor?! Let’s get the party started… Tugs tugs tugs!!!