Organicaholic Mama

A few months back, I decided to take this “clean living” lifestyle seriously. I told myself, if I enjoy eating all these gluten-free, organic healthy stuff, why don’t I take it to the next level? I’m talking about organic cosmetics, beauty and skin care for me and baby S.

The next thing I knew, I was throwing away most of my make-up from my drawer and kikay kits. Did you know that cosmetic products have a shelf life of maximum 18 months (lipsticks). They don’t have expiration dates but you have to keep track of when you opened them. When I saw all my stuff in my drawer, I realized I’m still keeping a 2 year old mascara, a few gloopy lip gloss, and quite a number of lipsticks that has a funny smell. I remember I used to hoard lipsticks and cheek tints because when you are in your twenties, make up is life. Haha! Oh wait, I just ordered $50 worth of Colourpop lipsticks the other day, so yes I still hoard up to this day!

I think I am beginning to be an organic advocate. Not hardcore though. I personally prefer giving my baby organic food. She does eat rice or any home-cooked meals every now and then. And I am happy she likes it. But I am happier when she eats the organic stuff I get her. I brought home 5 boxes of organic baby food from Berlin. The husband thinks I’m crazy. Lol. But it was way cheaper in Berlin I couldn’t resist baby food hoarding! I know time will come S will eat all these “bad food” you see everywhere but I am hoping she will find it yucky and would rather eat something healthy hehe.

Anyway, I have been ordering my healthy and organic stuff from iHerb. I personally love this website as they have almost everything you need if you are into “healthy, clean living lifestyle”. The first items I got from them was collagen bottles, organic shampoo, and organic make up wipes for me. For S, I got her organic tooth wipes and organic toothpaste (she loves the banana flavor! Btw, it doesn’t have fluoride so it’s safe if your baby swallows it). Browsing their website has become therapeutic for me. I get excited when I receive emails of their discount offers. Hashtag certified mommy. It used to be Victoria’s secret or Zara that gets me exhilarated. What happened to me? Lol.

So the other week I received my stash of ‘healthy’ stuff again. These DHL guys already know me it’s funny one asked me if I was a reseller. Was ecstatic when I opened the box as if I was opening a jewelry box of Harry Winston. I don’t know about you but organic coconut sugar excites me! Lol. And then there’s my new make-up collection – primer, lip liners, lip balms, face powder mineral wear, pure aloe vera etc. Can I just say that all these are organic, free from chemical, paraben, GMO etc. which makes it super safe to use. Although I have to admit that I am currently addicted to Colourpop lippies, particularly the ultra matte selection. So I am not sure if I will change my lippies yet to organic ones hehe.

I feel that as I grow older, my desire to live a longer and healthier life is becoming more intense, especially when I had S. I want to be with my daughter until I am old and gray, to witness all her milestone and achievements in life. I want to take care of my body and prioritize health and wellness because I think that’s the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.

P.S. If you guys are interested to get your healthy stuff from iHerb, click on this CODE and you’ll get $5 off your first order and you will also help me save on my future purchases. Good deal, eh?!


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