One tired mama.

It’s the last working day of the week and my weekend will officially begin in 2 hours. I am sooo looking forward to weekend. Not because I will get to rest or sleep longer (Asa pa!). Mainly because I am looking forward to accomplishing a couple of tasks I need to do and finalizing party details of Baby S.

I haven’t been feeling well for the last 3 days, with this nasty cold and annoying sore throat I could sense I will be down with a flu in the next couple of days. But a mama needs to attend to the baby 24/7, do household chores, run errands, works full-time in the office, so getting ill is not an option! I thought after getting back from our 2-week holiday I will be well-rested, fully recharged and active. Boy I was wrong! We were exhausted EVERY single day while touring Europe. Based from my phone app, I walked an average of 16,000 steps every day for 15 consecutive days! There was one particular night in Paris when we arrived at our flat I couldn’t move my legs and they were all shaking when I tried to put them up. Apparently, I did 23,000+ steps that day. Edi Wow!

I want to blog about our recent trip and share stories of our adventures (and misadventures) in Europe. One example is when I almost got pickpocketed in Paris. Or the time when we personally saw someone getting robbed in the streets of Brussels. So many things happened to us. There were some minor mishaps but overall it was a very pleasant and interesting trip. For one, it was our first trip without our baby so you could imagine the sepanx (separation anxiety)! To be honest, I did cry a little when I kissed my baby goodbye before we left. I know we will only be away for 2 weeks, but still. It was heartbreaking because my baby is still a baby, only 10 months old. Anyway, I wasn’t that worried because she was in good hands the whole time. Thank you to my ever supporting parents!

So, I will keep this post short for the time being. Hopefully I will get the time again to post about our trip, the next 3 weeks will be busy as hell again… too many things going on and I am having a hard time catching up!

Keep safe everyone!


One thought on “One tired mama.

  1. Mars, ako din! Haven’t been feeling well for the past few days. Ewan ko kung stress lang ‘to or may nasagap akong virus. Pero sana ako na lang, wag na si O. Wawa naman kung maysakit sa bday.

    Yan ang di pa namin magawa. Ang magholiday ng di kasama si baby! Pero okay that you got to do it. Nakakamiss din na kayo lang ni hubby. Hehe


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