Healthy Stuffed Tuna Avocado

So I have some spare time tonight while baby S is being entertained by SIL. I managed to do some work in the kitchen. Yey!!! 

Being a mother, time is very precious. Every second counts so I need to make the most of my spare time and be productive. 

I managed to squeeze in a 30-minute workout when I got home. Another yey!!! I try to do some workout at least 3-4 times a week. Not to be skinny but mainly to be fit and healthy.

Anyway, back to the topic… So ayun nga, I prepared some couscous and hard boiled eggs for our baon tomorrow. We have so many avocados that we totally forgot we have so I googled some easy and quick avo recipes and saw this healthy tuna stuffed avocado. It’s so easy to make and the ingredients are easily available in your fridge.  

I know it doesn’t look delish on the photo. But it’s surprisingly good and very healthy! Achievement!!!


6 thoughts on “Healthy Stuffed Tuna Avocado

  1. Go go go mars! Naalala nga kita nung ginawa ko yan kasi puro avo din ang lafang mo palagi hehe. Nakalimutan ko ipost ang recipe sa kakamadali ko dahil ang baby girl kailangan ko na pakainin. Goodluck!


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