Hello from the other side.

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Hello blog world! Look who’s back!

I’ve been meaning to return to blog world ages ago, but you know, so many things happened… adulthood sucks! Haha!

Anyway, this is my nth attempt to create a new blog. This time I hope it will stay for good, even just for one year. LOL! I can’t promise to be super sipag to write kasi mommy duties come first. (Naks! Ako ba to?! Haha)

So, mainly this blog will be about my life as an expat in Middle East. In case you are interested to know. Lol! I will talk about my new life as a mommy, my journey to yummy mommy (in short: Ibabalik ang nawawalang alindog program), updates as being a newbie investor, a bit of financial literacy, my daily struggles on changing nappies, share my healthy and gluten-free recipes (mga once a month lang to pag sinipag) and a bit of everything. Basically, anything that can come up to my mind. Relevant and not.

So there. I hope you do enjoy my site. If not, paki ko din! Haha! Joke! I don’t welcome any negativity here, no bashing, no judging unless you’re a judge 😀 Good vibes lang lahat ditto. Respect my site and I will respect you. Entiendes?! Good! So watchuweytingpor?! Let’s get the party started… Tugs tugs tugs!!!

8 thoughts on “Hello from the other side.

      1. Haha! Dont ask me…lol. On mine, I used the widget: ‘Blogs that I follow’. It automatically links but it won’t do it for Pretty Tin’s kasi sa blogspot sya. I am still trying to figure out. 🙂


    1. pinalitan ko na ang theme ko at masyadong complicated yung una, medjo lost pa ko ngyn sa tagal na di nag blog! yesss welcome back to us! now i have to figure out how to link your pages…


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